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Please read our policies carefully.



We ship UPS priority overnight Tuesday and Wednesday, delivery by 10:30 am. We also have perishable insurance on live goods orders, so you should feel confident in your purchases!


We offer flat shipping rates of $49 on live animals (Corals and fish), and $15.00 for dry goods or ceramics within the Continental United States. (For shipping outside those areas, or to inquire about special shipping arrangements please contact us). Shipping rate within WA State $24.99


We offer free shipping on orders over $350 for corals and fish. **


​We are NOT responsible for weather delays or carrier mistakes. Shipping costs will NOT be refunded under any circumstances. 




  • ALL packages must be signed for upon first delivery attempt to accommodate our DOA policy.

  • We offer a 48 hour guarantee on all live corals.

  • Please practice good animal husbandry. If your animal goes 'missing' or gets 'eaten', it will not be covered.

  • Customer must sign for the package on the first delivery attempt regardless if the carrier is late. 

  • If your order is delayed you are still required to receive it and acclimate all contents before contacting us. Delayed orders will be handled on a customer to customer basis.

  • Customer must follow all recommended acclimating procedures even if animals appear dead. While we pack with the utmost care, fish and coral may be stressed from shipping and will become more lively after acclimation and rest. 

  • Tank’s water chemistry must be within the following parameters: - Temperature – between 74°- 81° F and constant - Ammonia – 0.0 ppm - pH – 8.1-8.4-Nitrite – 0.0 ppm - Nitrate – 0.0-30 ppm - SG – 1.020-1.025

  • Note: Failure to follow these procedures will result in voiding your claim.

  • If any coral arrives DOA, a picture must be emailed within 30 minutes of delivery of the coral in our sealed, unopened bag, a credit or replacement at our discretion will be provided, less shipping costs. Be sure to include name, order number, and the pictures with your message.

  • We will not issue any refunds without a picture of the deceased submitted via email.

  • You will be responsible to cover the shipping costs of replacement coral. If for some reason you think the coral appears to have a problem please call us immediately. We know and understand that things can go wrong during shipping so don't hesitate to call us for any questions.

  • Sorry, we do not issue credit or refunds for any shipping costs.

  • Please do not discard your DOA without our consent, this would void any guarantees.




Please know the proper care for what you're purchasing. These are exotic corals and need special care to thrive. Always practice proper acclimation and quarantine procedures.


Acclimation to me, is VERY important. If acclimation is done too quickly it often spells disaster. Please take the time to make sure your corals are acclimated properly.

**Free Shipping does not apply to wholesale accounts


Inland Corals SPS
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