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Inland Corals Ron Boyer


First I would like to thank all the long time customers of Inland Corals that have helped pave the way for what we have become today.


James "cunareefer"...I can't thank you enough for the help and support you have given me! I appreciate your honesty and for taking time out of your day to answer all my questions! 


A big thank you to the SPCDA (

for all your members support.



IC is a new generation of SPS aquaculture. We strive for nothing but the best when it comes to our corals. Here you will find exotic and rare Acroporas.


We search for the most vibrant and colorful SPS we can find from around the world! Bringing you some of the best acro around!


Check back often to get your hands on our NEW releases. We will be adding new pieces bi-weekly.


Our tanks are pest free and new corals under go a strict dip/acclimation procedure before going into our quarantine system. Our farmed acro are quarantined for a minimum of 8 weeks. Again we take pride in what we do, and our corals will speak for themselves.


Thank you for visiting, any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for considering

Inland Corals!

Colorful SPS
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